Anticipation to action! 

We arrived last night after a long day of travel, encouraged by your prayers and love. We joined the work team from Advent on our flight to Guatemala City, and look forward to working with them on this week’s project.

Today, we are heading up to San Andres for a day of activity with our scholarship kids -students in grades 6-10.

We anticipate joy, inspiration, gratitude and a week filled with fellowship and fun, Shoulder to shoulder in service to Christ.

So whether we are at home or away, we make it our aim to please Him. 2 Corinthians 5:9.


Last Work Day

We did it!!  The grout was completed on the kitchen floor and countertop in Chuctiestancia.  They will have the ceremonial grand opening for the community in a few weeks.  The group that began the project in July 2015 will be returning this summer and have the opportunity to see the completed site.  We all have a new appreciation of grout! 

A portion of the group stayed to complete the kitchen in the afternoon  while the others moved on to prepare for construction of a large chicken coop at the clinic. They currently have multiple coops but needed a larger one that would accommodate for better housing and light for the newest additions.  The group successfully pruned the tree blocking light and moved an existing coop to allow space for the construction.  The team accomplished much in a short period of time.  

Tomorrow we will enjoy the scenic views that Lake Atitlan and Panajachel offer and reflect upon our week before early departure Sunday morning.  We thank you for supporting this team with prayer, well wishes and donations to Mission Guatemala! 

Thursday – Grouting 

The tile was completed yesterday and now the grouting begins. Lots of sore knees tonight!  The first layer of grout was completed by the end of the day and the plan is to put another layer and complete the project tomorrow.  The community will be thrilled to have the kitchen complete and ready for use.  Update tomorrow……

Wednesday – Tiling & Spanish

We were all thrilled to see the sun!  The rain held off until we completed work for the day. The tile work continued on the kitchen inside and out.  We had a crew working on the exterior sidewalk and inside on the countertop and floor.  We have all learned to appreciate the art of tile work!  

The kids in the community were more interactive and engaging in language exchange.  They were very patient with us as we worked on Spanish together.  What a blessing to be in Guatemala and engaging in the partnered communities with Mission Guatemala.

Rain & Tile – Day Two 

Rain, rain go away was our theme of the day!  We had rain most of the day on Tuesday but luckily the tile work continued on the kitchen and with great progress.  Pictured you can see the lengthy process of cutting, cleaning, mortar mixing and installation of the tile.  Kudos to this awesome St. Mark’s group for withstanding the cold, wet and dirty conditions to near completion of this project.