Yesterday was a day of action.  The majority of the group began work at the site of the future administration building for the school. The bucket brigade was in action making the workload of concrete manageable.  The walls are getting a little taller thanks to the combined effort.  

Mission Guatemala became aware of two children in Panimatzalam that had been burned by hot water.  The group from Advent UMC has a physical therapist and we have a nurse, so coupled with multiple translators we were welcomed to provide care.

 The children had initially been without treatment for nine days prior to the principal of the school contacting Mission Guatemala.  They were able to arrange care for the children at the hospital and were released over the weekend. We had the children do range of motion exercises, cleaned the wounds and applied moisturizing agents followed by gauze to protect the delicate skin.  What a blessing to be able to provide care to these happy, smiling children using our God given professional skills. 

The afternoon consisted of another trip to the school filled with the children’s smiling faces and giggles. We had stations for jumping rope, sack races, soccer and art.  We jointly sang Jesus loves me in our native languages before our “adios.”

Meanwhile…. the heavy lifters of the group stayed back at the clinic to unload twenty-five stoves that weigh two hundred pounds each! The stoves were ordered to provide a safer, efficient way to cook using a wood burning method in homes that have no stove. 

We were pleasantly surprised to be included in a Mayan prayer ceremony that evening prior to dinner. It was truly an evening of blessing, prayer, dance and celebration.  The ceremony was followed by the traditional dinner served for special events such as weddings and birthdays.  

We can’t wait to see, hear and feel what tomorrow brings!